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Healthcare Humanity Award (2011)


Dr. Agrawal was awarded the Healthcare Humanity Award by the former President of Singapore, the late Mr S R Nathan, for his humanitarian work and contribution to the community. This award is given to inspirational role models who have gone the extra mile to offer care and comfort to the sick and infirmed. The award serves to emphasise that the healthcare profession is a noble one – and not merely a job. It also aims to raise public recognition and respect for the healthcare profession.

​ ​2. For voluntary work in Vavunaya, Sri Lanka as part of The Vision Mission trip In March 2017.

​ ​3. Creating awareness on causes of blindness for the community in Singapore

​ ​4. Multiple eye care projects with Rotary club of Singapore.

Dr. Cijin Jose (India) :

Siem Reap, 12th Century AD. Suryavarman II embarked on a mission of tremendous proportions. Building a structure on a swampy land was no mean task and despite myriad hurdles, he built what was to become a complex that gained worldwide acclaim and got featured on the Smithsonian’s “28 things to see before you die” list. Year 2017. Phnom Penh. Sean found a surgeon named Dr Rupesh to fire up his visionary plans, plans parallel to those of Jayavarman VII. With his remarkable passion and seemingly impossible dedication, Dr Rupesh managed to put in place a foundation, one that will prove conducive to future endeavors. Sir, it was great working with you, for not everyday do you get to work with inspiringly passionate extraordinary people. Rekha ma’am, with your dedication to enlighten the next generation, you redefine the meaning of teaching. Dr Shivani, it was a pleasure to work with you. Tapan sir, it was great having you around to throw light on a lot of things. Janika, Roy, Zeena and Deepti, you formed the essence of the team. And Jimmy’s enthusiasm would have put even a bumblebee to shame. Thank you everybody for the last 5 days. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr Rupesh’s image adorns the wall of a hypothetical Bayon. profession.

Dr. Sean Ngu (Cambodia) ​

Dr. Eugene Fidelis Soh, CEO, TTSH (Singapore)​ ​

THE GIFT THAT IS SIGHT It is a sense that most of us take for granted. Our sight. Step forward Adj A/Prof Rupesh Agrawal our Senior Ophthalmologist with a fervent passion to improve developing countries’ existing eye care services. Dr Rupesh a winner of the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award – one of the highest recognition in India of outstanding citizens for their selfless contribution to society – has been tirelessly volunteering his expertise to eradicate treatable vision impairment in numerous parts of remote Asia. He is also the founder of VIRAJ Healthcare Foundation which delivers voluntary eye care services to the underprivileged in neighbouring countries.

Dr. Kara Anne Tan ( MBBS Student):​ ​

​ ​Testimonials from Rotary Club of Singapore:

​President Volunteerism Philanthropy Award (Individual Adult category)-2018


Testimonial from Mr Vivek Puthucode, Chief Partner officer at Microsoft





​Summary for Dr Rupesh Agrawal voluntary work

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